Our cooking pastes are designed for everyday, healthy cooking requiring little effort. We have created a range of products that are fresh, made from natural ingredients and versatile.  Our products allow people to create and be imaginative in the kitchen; making cooking fun!

Using our pastes in everyday cookng

The versatility of our cooking pastes lends itself to creating light and flavoursome meals, finger food or snacks and Its applications are only limited by your imagination.  We use it for (but not limited to):

  • Creating light and flavoursome currries, if you like it hot, just add chillies, everything else is there for you
  • Use it to create fantastic marinades for BBQs, Roasts and other baking needs
  • Use the paste to create home made Gourmet Burgers, Sausages and use as Pizza sauces
  • Add to your Pasta dishes to give it a lift, use it in your Batter for tempura or fish and chips, add it to your mash
  • Use to make sauces and broths or add to anything you like to enhance the flavours of your meal
  • Add it to your casseroles, in your home made pies, or even savoury pin wheels
  • Coat your fries with it and make amazing potato wedges or chips

Addressing everyday problems

We've tried to solve some real everyday problems and concerns faced my many people :

  • Healthy,  we wanted to create a healthy product range, so we only use natural and fresh ingredients. see nutrition information.
  • Putting it on a shelf means using preserving agents,  so we created a product for the fridge, free of any kind of  artificial preservatives
  • Allergies, we were concerned about allergies, so we made sure there there was no gluten, nuts, dairy, animal fats, or food colouring in our product
  • Fridge full of half used jars ,  so we used a small enough container that could be fully utilised in 1 or 2 uses without waste
  • Natures friend, we ensured our containers and packaging was made from recycleable material
  • Quick & Easy flavoursome food, we want to produce the essentials for people to create delicious food quickly without complications. See recipes

Allergy Information

We use natural and fresh ingredients in our products. We pride ourselves in ensuring our products cater for customers with allergy concerns.

  • No artificial Preservatives, additives or colouring
  • Nut Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Diary Free
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Our spice blends contain items such as mustard seeds, cumin and other aromatic spices. Please contact us on info@waikarekitchen.com if you have any specific queries about allergies or spice ingredients we use.

Nutrition Information

Our products are fully tested and certified for Nutrition content through certified food testing company (Eurofins ELS Limited, Wellington). The quantities shown on the nutrition panels are average quantities per serving size and per 100g.  We have endeavoured to create a product that is healthy and wholesome. It is :

  • Low in Salt content
  • No Added Sugar -
  • Low in saturated fats
  • Zero dairy or animal fats

Storage, Shelf Life and Use

Our gourmet cooking pastes are tested for 3 months shelf life and is to be stored in a fridge. It can also be put in the freezer and be frozen.  It won't lose its flavours or ruin in the freezer.  Upon opening, the product should be consumed with 7 days.

If you decide to freeze our product, it can be defrosted by leaving out on the bench, or in the mircowave.

We encourage our customers to order and consume our products fresh. We have deliberately designed our containers to be 200g so that you are able to enjoy the product quickly and within a few uses, fresh. We have tried to solve the problem of people having their fridges full of half used jars of sauces and pastes that potentially get thrown out or not used - all costing money.

Cooking and Creating

Our gourmet cooking pastes is a platform you can build on and create fantastic food.  There are no limitations or constraints, just express. See our recipes to get an appreciation of the versatility of our product.