We at Waikare Kitchen love food and are passionate cooks, always looking to push the boundaries to create simple and delicious food. Blending ideas, cultures, tastes and our personal experiences.

We hope you enjoy our creations as much as we have enjoyed making them and getting them to you fresh, natural and packed with flavour.

We had an idea and Waikare Kitchen was born in 2013 out of Sanj's kitchen in Waikare Street, Karori. We started playing with spice blends and flavours to create a natural, fresh paste that made cooking with spices easy. Even our fussy kids started eating adventurous, wholesome food they enjoyed, free of dairy, nuts, gluten, artificial additives and preservatives. 

The word got around and people started asking for our paste . So we thought why not, and here we are today. We've done the hard work and built a versatile foundation, now it's your turn to express and create great culinary experiences for your friends and family.

We believe that cooking should not be a chore, but something that people enjoy and find relaxing. In our home, the kitchen is the place where we all congregate, whether it's with the kids, or friends and family or even when we're hosting. It's the food, the experience of creating and exploring together; the ideas, the conversations that unite us, bind us in the moment. These moments are what makes enduring memories.

Good food, doesn't need to be expensive, or complex with obscure ingredients, or take forever to make, we believe it needs to be simple, yet brave, it embraces diverse ideas and lends itself to variations, it's fresh, natural, clean and honest flavours. It can be made in less than 30 minutes.     

We use fresh and natural ingredients in our products (no artificial ingredients or numbers in our ingredientsl list), and aspire to get our products to our customers as soon as possilbe.  Our ingredients are all sourced from local suppliers and our food is prepared in a certified and hygenic environment. 

We are forever creating, and looking at fresh ideas, ingredients, and thinking about how we can extend the versatility of our products.  We like to play, innovate, be adventurous, go off the beaten track and experience new things. We listen to our customers' feedback  and involve them when developing our products, we refine our ideas until it it's ready, certified and nutritionally valuable.

We have the courage to experiment, to be different and not be one dimensional. We operate outside our comfort zone in order to create and innovate,. We borrow and blend our experience of different cultures, tastes and cuisines. At the same time, we try and deliver a unique and refreshing experience for our customers. Our products are influenced by western, asian, indian, middle eastern and pacific cusine; and we're still exploring...

Our products are made with the highest ethical standards and quality in mind. We are careful in our considerations about the quality of our ingredients and the suppliers who provide them to us. We are transparent in our dealings with our partners and customers, and everything we create is tested for nutrition value and shelf life. Our products are prepared and produced in a certified kitchen. We don't prescribe to artificial preservatives, additives or using salt and sugar as preserving ingredients.   

Words in our world ..