Yummy Dumplings

Chicken with Ginger & Zest of Orange Dumplings

These homemade dumplings are easy to make and you can experient with flavours and ingredients. We have used chicken with our Ginger & Zest of Orange paste for a nice warm and fresh taste. You can also use pork mince with this recipe. We've also made vegetarian dumplings using a mix of pumpkin and kumara with Ginger & Zest of Orange paste. Enjoy!




Serves  4 - 6   - makes 30 - 35 dumplings

Cooking & Preparation Time :  20 - 30 minutes


  • Chicken mince                                500g
  • Ginger & Zest of Orange paste       100g ( 1/2 Pottle)
  • Salt                                                   1 Tsp
  • Frozen dumpling wrappers               1 Packet   ( You can purchase from any Asian store)
  • Egg                                                     1
  • Olive Oil                                              1 Tablespoon
  • Soy Sauce                                          For serving


  1. Combine chicken mince, ginger & zest of orange paste and salt well
  2. Line up 6 to 7 thawed dumpling wrappers
  3. Place large teaspoon of chicken mix into the middle of each wrapper
  4. Whisk the egg with a splash of milk and brush around the edges of each wrapper
  5. Fold the wrappers over and seal the edges, place in a tray and refrigerate as you make them. (30 - 35 dumplings)
  6. Pan fry dumplings on medium heat in olive oil turning 3 times. These should take 4-5 minutes
  7. Serve with your favourite dipping sauce or with a good soy sauce.